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    It's been awhile since I've used ZLauncher and never realized the need for this until now (Now that my t650 is already out of mem!). Does it ACTUALLY run the program off the SD card or does it merely store it there temporarily and when you launch it, it copies it over to ram to run? Vindigo is taking a whopping 3megs (Maybe some games too) and it would be nice if it actually ran the programs off of the SD card rather than memory...


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    It stores the programs on SD (including all related databases). It copies the program to memory before running, then copies any changed databases back to SD when you finish.

    You should also find the DataViz Utility for DocsToGo (search the threads). It moves about 4MB to the SD card.
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    Will Vindigo work if the software stays in the RAM (for faster launch) and the database is moved to the SD card? (That is how my Avantgo is set up) And will cable hotsync still work?
    Any ideas? I'm using ZLauncher.

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