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    The keyboard backlight seems to go up and down in intensity in sync with the screen brightness... I always though it was on or off.
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    Yeah I have noticed that too. I just got it so it is on the charger. I will play with it when the battery is full.
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    Hopefully, this is a (SW? HW?) fix that will be done on ALL future T650s...I always thought the keyboard backlight was WAY too bright. (Still have the T600).

    Sidebar: I still really like the T600's keyboard better. Any chance when the latest Treo comes out by end of this year(?) (T700?), they P1 would have the choice of two keyboard designs (T600's egg shape w/its backlight and the current version on the T650s...) Oh, and bring back the power button on top, darn it!

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    I have just released keyboard light control in ScheduleCare.

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