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    My GSM 650 is still locking up and rebooting after numerous hard resets. I've not even loaded all my old data (contacts, notes and calendar) on now - it's just out of the box except:
    - I've added a new city
    - changed the formats
    - have an SD card inserted
    - radio turned on

    and it's still rebooting randomly and also locking up!
    Now I've hard reset and not added a new city, and removed the SD card. This is the *last* straw before I return it for another unit.

    If this does work, then it looks like adding a new city or the SD card could be the problem with my unit rebooting - I reckon it might be the former...
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    Im not sure, but I guess a bad SD card could cause that. Adding a new city shouldnt cause that. It is also possible that you have a bad unit. It happens. You are on the right track. Hard reset, dont put the SD card in, dont add a city, just use the phone. Sometimes on brand new phones the carriers settings are not done properly, and this will cause lockups. Call your carrier's customer service and have them verify all your settings, voicemail, data plan, etc. When they do they can do an over-the-air update of your phone. They will have you turn the phone off and on again. If you cant get the phone to work reliably after THAT, then definitely return it. Carrier phone settings are another source of "instability" (when they are done wrong) that has nothing to do with software you've installed.
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    Sure seem to be a lot of bad GSM TREO's coming out of boxes today. I'm gonna wait, personally.....
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    I think it has to do with them being improperly programmed by Cingular. Could be related to the MediaWorks fiasco (the conspiracy theorist in me exclaims ) But I know I had some issues with them as soon as my phone got here - the phone number didnt port right from AT&T, the voice mail wasnt set right, the MediaWorks plan wasnt added, etc. etc. After 6 calls and an hour or two of my life on the regulard land line phone, I got it fixed, and it works like a champ now. The price of being the guinea pig...
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    It sounds like this voicemail push (clarification?) thing needs to be turned off; I'll call cs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    I think it has to do with them being improperly programmed by Cingular.
    Mine's a GSM unlocked in Australia. But I've manually downloaded the Call Preferences for the phone and see if that helps.
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    unlocked t650 here in the bay area, tmobile user, have not downloaded anything YET!
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!

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