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    Hi, I know I must have missed something, but everytime I want to sign on to the Web, I have to reenter my user name and password to gain access to Cingular Media ID. Certainly there is a way to store that information so I dont have to go thru that every time. HELP.

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    It's defaulting to that homepage, change your homepage and you should be good to go.
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    I don't think they were asking how to change the homepage, but instead were asking how to have a cookie saved so that they don't have to enter a username and password on a web page that normally remembers these if a session cookie is set. I usually use Xiino, but I recall often having the same issues in both Blazer and Xiino.
    (I'm on a Sprint Treo 600, so I have a different Blazer, but I wanted to try and clarify the question.
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    No, he's right. The homepage is set to Cingular's mediaworks homepage. If you need to log into that, you will need to save a cookie, but if you're just surfing, you don't have to. You can just change the default homepage and there's no need to log into mediaworks after that.

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