I'm hoping some who may have already done this have some good pointers.

I was going to try and wait till the day that maybe Best Buy had more Treo 650s and the T600s were out of their stock, but I can't wait for what may never happen any more. Problems with my defective T600 have gotten too bad for me to bear any longer. So I'm looking forward to enjoying the problems that come with owning a T650 .

Basically I've already called Best Buy and my refab replacement T600 is on the way. Which I intend to sell on Ebay and use the earnings towards a new T650.

Any pointers, advice or info on better places to sell a refab T600 would be appreciated.

Also if anyone knows where I can buy a new Sprint T650 for less than $599 that would be great too. (Stores only) I want to keep my current Sprint service plan and do not wish to sign on to any extended service agreements.