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    Don't you love the who's with me threads? Anyway, I've used Palm PDAs since the Visor Deluxe and one of my dreams was to get wireless Internet access in it. With the Visor, 56kps modems like the Thinmodem and others were very popular. However, when it came to wireless, it was just too bulky and expensive. Then, came the Clie with the WiFi cards and the integrated WiFi radio. The WiFi cards were way to big and sucked too much battery. Then, with the integrated WiFi Clie's it was not bad, but still you need an access point.
    My true wireless anywhere solution was my PDAsupply cable, my LG phone and my Clie NX70v. It was not too bad, but slow and call too much the attention, plus it would use my anytime minutes. I was quite getting there, but I was missing true communicator functionality, which at the end is where we all want to be. As you know, Sony left us and it was a very sad decision to us. What was out there? A low resolution, small screen and somewhat outdated Treo 600.
    For me it was not an option until the Treo 650 came out.
    Now, I wonder how many ex-Clie users and ex-ClieSource posters are now navigating the web using their Treo 650. So, Who's with me?

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    I'm with you there Treolo. I've been a Palm user since the Pilot 5000. My UX50 was very cool, but I wanted to collapse two devices into one - and the Wifi had to go, sadly. Still, I love the 650. Push email from ChatterEMail, the great screen (boy, it's good to have a transreflective display after the UX), and phone are great. The only thing I miss from the UX are the great keyboard, and the WiFi for syncing. USB cables suck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    Now, I wonder how many ex-Clie users and ex-ClieSource posters are now navigating the web using their Treo 650. So, Who's with me?

    This, 'who's with me' crap is getting old. Anyway, I was doing the same thing you were with my NX70v and Motorola phone. I agree, it was a bit cumbersome, but I couldn't let go of that great screen. For that reason, I did not by a Treo 600. When the 650 came out I was about due for a new device (fiancée uses the Clie now) and figured the tradeoff of a small, high-res screen was acceptable since I could ditch the separate cell phone. I was on ClieSource all the time, back in the day.
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    I kept both the new Treo 650 and the old Clie UX50. WiFi plus entertainment on long flights made me keep the Clie. It doesn't take up much room and I can record my own movies on the Clie Video Recorder. I sure wish the price of extended batteries would go down!

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    US Robotics Palm Pilot Personal ->
    Palm Vx ->
    Toshiba e740 (the dark side) ->
    Sony Clie PEG-TH55 ->
    Treo 650

    I'll keep the Clie around for Aqua Teen Hunger Force vids and Snails but the Treo 650 accompanies me everywhere.
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    I gave up my Clie NX-70V for a Treo 600 while awaiting the backordered 650. The 600 is my first "converged device" and I'm a believer. It's been a huge leap forward. Looking forward to the 650.
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    I gave up a TG50 for the Treo 650. I wanted more memory, and the price of Memory Stick is way too high! Plus, wifi not built in. When I saw the Treo 650 and the deal you could get, plus that cheap plan from Sprint, I went for it, and sold the TG50 and some accessories for $175.


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