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    I'm looking at configuring push email from a yahoo pop3 account, via Flashmail, to Chatter on a new 650. Can I configure this somewhere (Flashmail or Chatter) to push only certain email folders (or certain emails), rather than everything that comes into the Yahoo account?

    Also, can this be set up so that emails deleted on the Treo are also deleted back on the Yahoo account?

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    I am pretty sure what you are asking would require yahoo to support imap email (I dont think it does, even if you have the pay service.)

    If you use a service to 'poll' your email at intervals to an imap provider, then it will usually only pull the email in your inbox.

    What you might be able to do is pull your email from yahoo and then filter it into different folders with your imap provider. THEN you could sync those folders with chatter and move messages around and when you checked your imap email on your desktop (or laptop) they would look just like in chatter.

    Hope that helps.

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