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    It seems to me that new subscribers get the best deals, as they can get the Treo 650 for as low as $300-350 in some cases. I've been a faithful Sprint customer for over 5 years now. I went to a Sprint store and they said I'd have to pay regular price. Is there anyway around this? It seems to me that Sprint doesn't honor its existing and loyal customers in any way. If you know of a way to get the best deal for this existing customer, please let me know.
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    What you have heard is true. However, if you are close to your 18 month mark, you can qualify for the $150 rebate. One loophole is if you are adding an additional line of service. I believe that if you are doing that, then you can get the deal. Search for the thread on 'OTI'. They were doing a promo that ends at the beginning or end of April that looked really good.

    Good Luck.

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