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    Currently ATT customer trying out mmode on my moto 505. Will be getting unlocked 650, want to remove sim from 505, place into 650. I understand that mmode works, but is WAP(like the 505), whereas 650 is HTML. Also, I understand mmode will work but ATT/Cingular people tell me that a 3 cent per will be charged if the sim from the 505 is placed into the 650. I did not want to tell them I have a 650 as I may want to use both phones (at least for a while), by swapping back and forth. Apparantly they have a way of detecting phone devices and will charge accordingly? Advantages and disadvantages of mmode (24.99 unlimited) used on a 650 as opposed to the mobile internet plan (currently 44.99 unlimited) other than price. Thanks in advance, I am new and I tried to be all inclusive with questions with this thread.
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    Not true. I was a long time ATT customer. I initially had the PDA plan for 49.99 on my now departed 600 and switched to unlimited mmode for 24.99. I had exactly the same functionality with both plans - i.e. full internet access.

    Unlike your Motorola the Treo won't be limited to the crappy mmode sites.

    The only caveat is that ATT discourages tethering on the 24.99 plan.
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    Dicourages in that they will charge me? And what's the deal with them telling me that they can tell which phone is accessing the mmode? And they will charge me for it. Also, will I be able to seamlessly use mmode on the treo 650 utilizing the HTML and not the WAP? or is one plan functionall, no cost-wise, better than the other, ie., features, etc. Thanx

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