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    ...i know i've seen something like this somewhere... it keeps a database of your apps and their registration codes...

    anyone know what i'm talking about?

    i like bananas.
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    matty: There are a couple of programs for this purpose...
    One is SoftTrack (it's free):
    The other one is SoftwareManager ($ 5):

    You might want to give both a try to figure out which one is more suited for your needs.

    Have fun,

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    The program I like is TopSecret. Its not just for registration codes, but for anything that you would like encrypted. I store all my registration codes, passwords, pin numbers, account numbers, etc... The best feature (the reason I actually paid for it) is that it syncronizes with a desktop version. Makes it real convientent to get the passwords at home/work on your desktop PC and always have them with you. Currently, I am using it to store over 100 usernames/passwords, pins, etc...

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