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    Is there any reason voice dial cannot be on the sd card? It takes up about 1.2 m and I want to move it there. I use the side button to launch voice dial. Thanks!
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    nevermind, it wont let you anyway.
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    I used Shadowmites ROM patch #5 and then I moved Voice Signal to ROM using the PRC editor on Shadowmites website. If you're not sure how to use the PRC editor I would NOT recommend it. You could end up locking up your phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhat3k1
    nevermind, it wont let you anyway.

    I moved it to my SD card and it worked. The only problem I had was that my wired headset with the button to answer/place a call would not wake up the phone. With VoiceDial in RAM, I could push the button and the phone would wake up and VoiceDial would be launched.
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    Nice to see I'm not the only tech geek Harley rider in here!!!
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    I just moved Voice Dial to my SD card using Power Run. It now takes a bit longer to launch but the trade-off is worth it since I don't use the app all that often.

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