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    I've noticed that most of the Palm friendly sites are all using Avantgo channels for their content. I switched to using iSilo because I prefer to control the time I'm hotsyncing. However, I've noticed that it can be difficult to find the url for the avantgo channel at the web sites. For example PC World has a Palm friendly version, but they don't post the url, just the Avantgo channel.

    My question is, should visorcentral start a url database? Does anyone know of an easy way to find these urls?
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    On those sites that use AvantGo, if you click on the subscribe button and don't have AG installed you will get a screen with the subscription info. Part of the info is the URL of the channel that you can use to browse with iSilo.

    James Hromadka
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    This doesn't work for me...I'm trying to get "Le Monde". When I click on the subscribe link, it sends me to AvantGo where I have to log in and then it's automatically added, sans showing me the URL. Could you help me here?

    I'm also looking for the Economist URL as well, if possible.

    German (or English, just because it's a well done site) speakers should look under

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    James, I too haven't had any luck with that method. I've been trying to get PC World's palm page. When I clicked on the Avantgo link it sent me to Avantgo.
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    Ok, save the .sub file somewhere and open it with Notepad. The URL is the rootURLString line.

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    I agree that an ongoing message would be nice. Lets start keeping a URL list. That would be helpful as I also use ISILO for web reading. As you come across them, post them.

    I will start here with just a few that I have been trying out.

    Link Depth
    Explore Zone/Space related site
    USA Today Front page
    NewYork Times Front page
    Today in Rotten History

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    James, I'm not sure to be following. There is not, at any time, a download of a *.sub file.
    Could you try out this method on for me? I hit the link and I get sent to AvantGo. Then my AG account is changed on their machines...when do you get this *.sub file?

    For others who are interested in URLs, look up SITESCOOPER (who since had to shut down links because of copyright problems), (for great German ISilo and AvantGO links).

    Incidentally, I wrote to LE MONDE and the webmaster sent me the links I needed (I'm still looking for the Economist):


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    Another good site for Palm-friendly links is - best of all, the site itself is easily viewed on a Palm device (I can't speak for iSilo, I view this site in ProxiWeb...)

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    When it takes you back to the AvantGo site to login and automatically adds the site, go to the edit options menu. It should bring up the URL along with the options of when to hotsync it and everything.

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    Thanks for the info...but have you tried this out yourself? It works for the user-defined channels maybe...and then, only those defined by yourself. Since a little while, I haven't seen ANY URLs on AvantGo...probably a way to try and keep a hold on the market, and make people think that all this content must come directly from AvantGo and not the specific sites...

    If I'm doing something wrong, could you please give me the benefit of the doubt and get me the URL for "The Economist"? Puh-leeze!
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    Can someone please keep a list of AvantGo compatible sites (in addition to the ones listed on the site)?

    Mine are: techology
    Fox News
    Fox Sports
    News of the Weird (not Palm optimized)
    The Motley Fool
    USA Today
    Weather Underground
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    The difficulty in finding the actual URL for official AvantGo channels is probably due to the clause in the AvantGo Content Partner Agreement that stipulates that the Content Partner may not disclose the URL of the AvantGo-specific content. Custom and User-submitted channels are one thing, but they want to keep the URL of official channels hidden.

    I was going to go through that whole process with the AvantGo channel I set up for (here come de plug) at =00&s=00

    But the agreement and assumed that if you're approaching them as a content partner, you must have some sort of revenue source, and banners on your home page, etc. More than I cared to deal with for our little site.

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    I can't remember the URL, but earlier today I somehow found an index of palm-compatible pages.

    Getting a BVD on MONDAY!!
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    the url for visorcentral is
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    Ok everyone, I found a solution to our problem! Its a little sneaky, so don't tell AvantGo or they might get rid of it. What you do is, generate some kind of error connecting to the server. I believe this is possible by setting incorrect proxy settings (e.g. set a proxy if you don't have one, or remove the proxy if you don't). If that doesn't work, keep syncing and sooner or later there will be an error. Unfortunately, there's no way I know of to know there's been an error -- no window pops up or anything.

    At any rate...log onto AvantGo and somewhere there should be a "sync log". If you open it, all the errors will appear in red. In all cases I've seen, the error is usually something like:

    Error opening page: http://...........

    And the url it gives is the one you want! That's how I found all the URLS for my avantgo channels...

    I hope all that's right...I haven't done it in a while because I use iSilo now. But if you have any questions, I'll see what I can do to help.

    Michael Chen
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    Ok, here's how I cause an error every time I want the URL. I just set the maximum channel size to something impossibly low, like say 1kb. Then I hotsync, check my avantgo sync log, and voila, there's my error message complete with URL! Oh, don't forget to set that channel's maximum size back to where it was.


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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