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    Hey folks,

    Former Treo 600-early-adopters: did you encounter the amount of problems that we are having now-- from the Sprint Network time bug, the Cingular voicemail bug, and for me, constant resets no matter what (stock hard reset (numerous times), new SIM, no SD card, no HotSyncs at all -- Cingular)?

    Just trying to get a feel for when things get ironed out; i.e., did problems, if there were any, vanish with later versions/patches? I'm asking because I want to know if simply waiting for a new hardware revision (do they do that?) or just waiting for patches/ROM updates will be forthcoming, and what Palm usually does, and what timeframe they release these things.


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    Yes, the Treo 650 is much less "stable" than the Treo 600 was. Also, the 600 had fewer headaches when moving from the 300 than did moving from the 600 to the 650. While I'd stay that it is more "accident prone" this seems to be mostly due to the new memory architecture. Palm promised to "fix" this within days of the SprintPCS complaints coming out. No news on that front.
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    yes, i believe memory is a problem, even though we can use powerrun, msmount, zlauncher, there is still a performance degradation observed!
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    Let's not forget that Sprint also did two firmware updgrades- the 1st was smooth, the 2nd casued problems for many. I did the 1st and opted out of the second. I'm still on my original Treo 600 from Oct 2003.

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    How far apart in time were the upgrades?

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