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    I have seen those cases on ebay that have the flap with a magnet inside to keep it closed.

    Question . . . does the magnet do any damage to the screen of the Treo?

    How secure is the magnet?
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    If you're talking about the Monaco case, I bought it with a car adapter for $22 with shipping on Ebay and it works great! I use it for my 650. I have the phone facing in towards me away from the magnet and haven't noticed any problems with 2 weeks of use. It holds it tight and close to be body and is the closest to the old Leather International cases that I used to love. The price is right as well.

    The magnet is very secure, for instance if I just pull up on the antenna on my phone it does not budge and after I remove the case it tends to snap itself shut once my hand is out of the way. It isn't TOO strong, it just has a lot of surface area for grabbing.

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    thanks. I apreciate your help.
    Treo 600 - Verizon | G5 1.8 Ghz DP | 1998 BMW M3

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