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    I saw there was another thread out there with this info. I have already activated the phone with Sprint this past weekend, but I can only receive phone calls. I cant make any because of this Wireless Mode Lock. Sprint claims that they cant do anything about this. One of the prior threads stated that I should go to a Sprint store and have them reprogram. Does this work? Another post to the thread states to do a hard boot/reset of the phone by taking the battery out. Did anyone try this and does it work?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I don't know what does work.

    I do know that removing the battery and/or any type of reset doesn't work. Sorry.

    Before doing a reset or removing the battery look under "security Preferences" (this is a option under the the "option" dropdown menu) and see if any of the "Custom Emergency Numbers" have a number listed that could get you in contact with the previous owner

    Also try ##RUN send it will list the MDN and MSID (not sure what they stand for) but they are the phone number assigned to that phone. Try the last four digets forwards and back.

    This won't work for you b/c you've already acctivated the phone with your number.
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