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    I see that TakeNote! comes with a DOC conversion utility that includes a conduit for automatically transferring DOC files to a PC. But the Mac utility that comes with TakeNote! doesn't include a conduit, so you have to upload files from the Visor to the Mac as part of your ordinary backup.

    Does anyone know of a conduit utility that will enable me to upload DOC files that I've created or edited on my Visor to my Mac? (I don't use the backup conduit because I use the backup springboard instead.)
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    i would start using the backup conduit in addition to the module... in my opinion, you can't have too many safeguards.

    then it's really easy to do what you need. set all your new documents to back up on sync, then make an alias of your backups folder where you can easily access it. that way you can go in, grab what you need, convert it with a program like makedocdd (available at palmgear), and you're ready to go.

    personally, i have a folder set up on my desktop with a bunch of visor aliases:

    hotsync manager
    palm desktop
    files to install
    user guides
    apps for visor

    and stuffit expander and makedocdd (the real articles as they're drag'n'drop apps.

    that way whenever i download a new app, i can put it through its paces in 3 easy steps: expand, prc to install folder, rest gets filed accordingly. and when retreiving new docs, it works the same way. i never use all those installation steps they give you in the readmes of various apps... shortcuts (to steal a windoze term) are the best way.

    hope it helps

    i like bananas.

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