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    After playing with my 650 for over a week and deciding to go back to stock so the device is usable I have run into a problem. It keeps sending old info to the newly reset phone. I need to be able to sync but want NOTHING from the old backup. I have tried uninstalling everything I could find that said palm and reinstalling it again. But it keeps seeing one of my old backups. How do I get rid of old backups and start from scratch? Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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    Search is one option.,


    find the C:\programfiles\palm\username\backup folder and delete it.
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    First of all thanks for the answer, 2nd I did try and search and was unable to find it.
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    Your Palm Directory will either be at:

    C:\Program Files\Palm

    Your user directory will be based on your Hotsync name

    For example if your HS name is Treoseur

    It would be at C:\Program Files\Palm\Treoseur\Backup

    My HS name is Carl W Brooks so my path is C:\Program Files\W\Treoseur\Backup

    I would not delete the backup directory, I woud rename it Backup021405 or something like that.
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    Actually mine was under program files/handspring (with the username and stuff to follow)

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