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    When I do a hotsync, my datebook, contact, memo and todo list info does not come in from my desktop to my device. I have tried all options in the desktop overwrites handheld, handheld overwrites desktop and sychronize files. I did the VZW firmware upgrade on Friday and had to reload Wireless sync and that is when my problems started, any ideas anyone? thanks
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    Is HotSync giving you any errors? If so, what are they? Take a look at your HotSync log and tell us what it says for the items that aren't syncing.
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    It was not giving me any errors, and the log showed datebook, contacts, todo and memo pad did not sync. I have however solved the issue, I created a new user name, exported the data from my old name and imported it into the new one and got all my data to hotsync, no errors. Thanks for the help though.

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