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    In mid-sync my Treo650 experienced a reset. Since that time I have not been able to access either PCS Business Connection PE, Web browsing or Versa Mail.

    When I attempt access through BC I receive the error ""S7112: Cannot initiate a network connection. Please try again". When I attempt to access throug VersaMail the device resets itself immediately. When I launch the web browser application but and enter a URL and click "Go" absolutely nothing happens.........nothing at all...

    I uninstalled BC from the desktop and from the Treo and then reinstalled and that didn't fix a thing. I've attempted to re-register BC but also got the same error message. I'm at a loss. I don't know that I suspect BC as the culprit since VersaMail is causing the device to reset itself. It seems like maybe a more general networking connection type of issue???

    I als deleted VersaMail files as described in the following KB article:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(36541)

    Now I can open and configure VersaMail without resetting the system however I still can't actually access anything.

    VersaMail - Unable to establish PPP connection
    Sprint BC - S7112: Unable to initiate network connection.
    Web - Just sits and stares at me

    I'm starting to wonder if the only answer to this is to completely reset the entire system and start over from nothing.

    Before I do that, any help at all would be appreciated
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    Update: A phone call to Sprint appears to have fixed everything. They did some "resetting" on their end, changed my password, updated the service and everything seems to be OK now.
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    Have you experienced this problem again since Sprint did some "resetting"? I have the Cingular version and am experiencing the same "unable to establish PPP connection" issues. Any idea what they did to fix it exactly?

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