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    I've happily used QLaunch on my Tungsten T, C and T3, but have learned from the developer that it may lack complete functionality on the Treo 650 - apparently QL can't assign functions to the 650's 5-way, only to the other buttons. While I wait for my first Treo to be delivered, can anyone suggest a substitute for QL that does work on the 650?
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    Not familiar with QLaunch, but I'm using 2 launchers which may be of interest to you:

    AardQuick Launcher (This is a button launcher that allows you to assign as many apps as you wish to each hard button, except for the red phone button, of course. It also has a couple of different ways to access those apps once you've assigned them.) I've got 4 apps assigned to the Calendar button, and 5 assigned to the Messaging button.
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    I am using QL currently on the inner right and left hardbuttons. QL calls them Address and ToDo hardkeys, but Treo 650 has them as Datebook and Messaging.

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