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    Just got my wife the 650, and aside from a problem with the charger (swapping it out today), the phone looks great.

    We'd like to push her yahoo mail to the Treo, but aren't real sophisticated on this. I gather we'll need to forward the yahoo mail to a fastmail account, and (i think) switch from versamail to something like chatter or snapper.

    Among other questions we have are how folders can, or cannot be managed, and whether it's possible to forward/push emails in certain yahoo folders but not others. Also, can it be set up to allow emails sent from the treo to contain her yahoo email address? And can email on the treo be synchronized with the yahoo account, so that emails deleted on the treo will also be deleted on the yahoo account?

    This may be simple stuff...but I'm just not sure how establishing an "intermediary" with flashmail impacts things. Thanks.
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    I believe you have to pay for Yahoo Premium e-mail to get POP access. You can check on the web, but it's kind of tedious. Honestly, if you don't want to pay for Premium access, another solution may be to get a Gmail account - don't have to pay extra for POP access. If she wants to use her Yahoo email address only, another workaround would be to get a Gmail account and have all her Yahoo email fwd'ed to that account, and then she can check it on the Treo using POP.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    She's already got the upgrade on yahoo mail in place, so that's not an issue.

    The issue is setting the Treo up to get the email pushed to it, rather than having to "get" it on, say, Versamail. The little reading I've done suggests that you can forward yahoo mail to a flashmail account, which has imap, and then use a program like Chatter to push the mail to the treo. As I noted in the earlier post, I'm trying to figure out how you set this up, and what the capabilities and limitations are.

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