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    My Palm Desktop for the Treo 650 (Sprint) won't install @ home. Windows XP home, w/ AMD 1400 chip, plenty of room on HD and memory. Get message of Error 1316, failed to find file c:\windows\installer\Palm..... Palm???.msi (doing this from memory @ work). Install fails after I press the OK message and it rolls back the install. Previously had Palm Desktop 4.01 w/ a Treo 180 & 270 on this machine, no problems. Cleaned registry and made sure virus scanner was off before starting the install.... No success to date

    Sprint Tech support no help so far, CD installs good on work PC and laptop PC

    Anyone resolved this error before? Have a clue where I should look for help?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Can you zip it at work and send the file to yourself to install ?

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