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    Anyone out there using a personal finance program.
    It seems most of them are loaded with business finances
    as its main purpose. I need something just for my expenses and
    income and to budget myself. I have no need for project costs labor materials and all the things that go along with a business finance program.
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    I've used Pocket Quicken for several years. I highly recommend it because of the true syncing capabilitites with Quicken on the desktop. Landware just released a new version of it. Check it out here:
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    I agree, Pocket Quicken is the way to go. I've used it for the last couple of years and I love it. You don't even need a desk top version of Quicken to use it either. Just you the quick install option from the palm desk top and then sync. It's very handy for keeping track of everything that concerns money.
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    Ultrasosft Money is very nice and siyncs w/MSMoney
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    I use MyCheckbook by's free and exports easily to Quicken through MemoPad
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    I've used Quicken for several years and used it on my Visor then to my T2. Haven't transferred to my T650 since I've only got this for 3 weeks. It worked great on both PDAs and hopefully on my t650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV
    What he said.
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    I am using Adarian Money. It works pretty good for me, and Treo friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV
    I've also tried SplashMoney (since Handango gave it away a few months back). From what I read, it doesn't have two-way syncing (desktop to PDA and PDA to desktop). If I'm wrong, please comment...

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