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    hey kids:

    i'm looking for a project planning app...

    the freer the better!


    i like bananas.
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    Outliners are about as close as you are going to get . . . although I think I did see an Project Management app listed on PalmGear . . . anyway I summarized my notes on outliners in a previous thread -

    If you find something that I've missed, I'd sure like to know about it!

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    There's a few I've trialed, with Project@hand being about the best I've come across.

    Unfortunately it is (reletively) expensive at $49.95, and if you want gantt charts there is a free add-on (I'm sure this used to be charged at $14.95, which is why I was hesitent to buy, but it seems like a bit of a bargain!).

    It fully syncs with MS Project 98 & 2000, using a conduit.

    More information is available from

    I'm afraid I can't remember the name of any of the others I have tried, check PalmGear.
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    yucca - thanks for your thorough research...
    despite the price tag, i'm leaning toward brainforest. (the mac conduit sold me on it!) the question/problem:

    i use action names... any brainforest users out there who use action names? do they integrate?

    i'd appreciate any help / more suggestions.

    i like bananas.
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    As I was reading this thread, I just happened upon Project Planner:

    $20 and it does Gantt charts...looks rather robust!
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    Wow! Project@hand looks like the ticket for syncing to Microsoft Project, and Project Planner looks like the low cost winner. Thanks, guys!!
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    i don't have ms project, so that's out... and project palnner looks like a terribly complicated interface... for my tastes anyway...

    brainforest by the way does just fine with action names, if anyone cares... i downloaded the trial and it integrates beautifully - i guess because AN just uses the original databases. BF comes with plug-ins to import/export to to do and memo. so, with this integration and the mac friendly conduit, i'm definitely going with this one - i'll swallow the cost and hope it helps to pay for itself...

    i like bananas.

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