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    I currently searching round looking for a word processor for my Visor.

    Now I don't think it should be too much to ask that I can change the fonts of individual words, with bolding & underlining.

    But, after investigating SmartDoc, QED, Pedit, et al, I am unable to find anything suitable.

    I know the Palm OS is capable of doing this, all you need to look at is applications like QuickSheet & Project@Hand to see how powerful it is.

    So where is the Word Processor? This is the single reason why I would consider switching to PocketPC in future!

    Jim Nurcombe
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    What quantifies suitable for you? (i.e. what are you looking for it to do?)

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    My WP 'must haves' are:
    1) Bolding, italicizing, underlining individual words.
    2) Multiple fonts in the same document.
    3) Left, right & centre justification
    4) Synchronisation with Word, keeping formating

    I don't think this is too much to ask, is it?

    These features are already demonstrated in read-only mode, in packages such as documents-to-go and iSilo.

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    It would be hard to keep the formatting of Right Left and Center in Word. Because of the difference on screen sizes I think that it would like weird if anything at all.
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    I think Documents to Go from Data Viz
    is what you are looking for. Supposed to be
    able to do Word documents and maintain formatting.
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    Documents To Go displays Word and Excel documents well, but doesn't allow you to edit them on the Visor. It is just for displaying them. It would be nice if it had editing functions or the ability to create new documents. I guess for really big documents though I'd rather write them on the desktop then transfer them to the Visor.

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    All I have to say is...I AGREE! Somebody get a Word Processor written. It's profit waiting to happen!
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    You can perform word processing indirectly by embedding HTML format codes into a DOC file with any of the Palm OS text editors. Now sync to your desktop, and run the edited DOC file through a DOC-to-text file converter. Rename the converted filename's suffix to .htm or .html (from .txt), and load into any HTML savvy word processor.

    For those of us old enough to remember, this is how all word processors once worked! This probably does not qualify as "proper" WPing, but it is as good as you can get right now.
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    Originally posted by yucca:
    For those of us old enough to remember, this is how all word processors once worked! This probably does not qualify as "proper" WPing, but it is as good as you can get right now.
    Boy! do I remember. Many a 'happy' afternoon I spent on Digital Standard Runoff, creating documents on a VT terminal, and then having to print them off to see how they really looked (more often than not, not how I expected!)

    The idea about including HTML tags is how I am looking at doing it at the moment, setting up shortcuts for the various HTML formatting commands, so I don't need to enter the whole tag.

    But it's not exactly an ideal solution, as you don't see the formatting on screen.

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    I'm in the camp that asks "why". I use my IVX extensively for writing all kinds of documents - meetings notes, speeches, memos, fiction, etc - but the limitations of the screen and the nature of the device are such that I just can't see myself ever using it for "finished" documents. Even using the StowAway, I see the Visor as the place for first drafts and see the conversion/formatting process as a great place to do more editing. While I go through the document to format it the way I want, it makes it easier to to a final edit along the way. Perhaps my thinking is a little "old fashioned" in this way, but I've never really missed the lack of formatting for this stage of writing.

    Along these lines, I used SmartDoc for a while, but can't imagine living without pEdit now. Honestly, short of the formatting you're talking about, I don't know what else an editor/reader could do than what it does. It's simply the best out there, bar none.
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    Why? Good question, the standard input method is not exactly conducive to mass document creation.

    My primary reason is that I get a lot of business documents that I need to review and annotate. Accepted this is perfectly possible in tools like SmartDoc, but it gets tricky to see what comments I have added, as it all looks the same.

    I also create my own documents in Word, and I would like to use my 'spare time' to amend thesem complete with hightlighted headings and pertinent points.

    Hope this answers the question.
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    I'm with VoxDei! I just want to enter first drafts on my Visor and then format them on my PC (except, in my case, my PC is a Mac).

    Can you guys recommend the best WP program? I just ordered a Stowaway keyboard, so I need a program that works with Stowaway, handles long documents (usually meeting notes) and can upload to my Mac. I'd love it if it was compatible with my beloved WordPerfect for Mac (yes, I'm one of the last holdouts) but I'd settle for the industry-standard-but-I-hate-it Word.

    VoxDei, what's so great about pEdit? How is it better than SmartDoc or QED?
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    Here's a pretty nifty solution. Microsoft's Word 97 has a program that'll add a font for you with certain keystrokes. *bold* = word typed out in bold. _italics_ = word typed out in italics. (I'm not sure why, but that doesn't underline.)

    It does this through a feature called Auto Formatting. This is the feature that will automatically correct typos, for example, typos like "teh" into "the". If you want the word to be underlined instead of italicized _italics_ this can be changed.

    I've only done this a couple of times, and it confuses me every time. I just spent 30 minutes trying to re-learn how to do this. Here goes. If you want Word to underline instead of italicize when you type a word with the underline marks before and after it (example _underline_)go to the format menu and then go to style.

    In the upper left hand corner of the you should see several styles listed, highlight the style called "emphasize" then click modify.

    in the modify style box hit format, then select font.

    In the font style window hit regular (unless you want it to underline and italicize) and in the underline window I hit single.

    Poof, Word now adds underline to any words or group of words that has the underline before and after desired words. _underline_

    I'm going to use this to underline key points in my notes when I start graduate school next week. (I can type a great deal faster than I can write.)

    I hope this helps


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