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    I keep reading post after post - "for the price, the Scala 500 is the best headset". Well, let's take price out of the equation. What is the best performing bluetooth headset for the T650 on the market?
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    From what I gather on this website it just might be the Sony HBH-660. I heard a lot of rave reviews from you guys. I don't care about the caller ID feature. Seems pointless i your phone isn't but 20 feet away, but so be it if this is the best. I don't want to go through 4 and 5 different headsets lto find this out. I'd really like to hear some opinions about the best BT headset sans price as a factor.
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    Motorola HS-850
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    i just ordered the jabra bt800 i'll find out soon if it is!
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    What about the headset that P1 has on their site? I believe its a rebranded Jabra Freespeak 250, but does it have anything special to justify the extra cost? It looks like a trip to Best Buy is needed.
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    HBH-300, a boom headset is really the only way to go for real voice quality
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    i'm a big fan of the jabra bt 200/250- they're very comfortable, very good volume and noise suppresion with the eargel, but sometimes they crackle- depends on which phone you pair them with though
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    Currently, I think the best performing bluetooth headset is *either* the Cardo Scala 500 or the HBH-660....but which one really depends on who you talk to. Of the people that have used both, I think more tend to lean towards the HBH-660 for sound quality and range and the least amount of static. However, many like the Scala 500 b/c it is loud...and it doesn't seem to have much static or crackling most of the time. It is also comfortable and small (and light).

    Bottom line is there isn't one clear winner right now. But those are in the top two or three.

    I'd really like to hear more reviews about the Logitech (BT 1.2), but it seems a bit bigger and is uncomfortable, from what I've heard. I'm also interested in the Motorola HS-820 and 850, since those are BT 1.2. (Yes, I know...BT 1.2 will not make the connection any better with the Treo 650, but getting a BT 1.2 headset now will mean it is compatible with my future 1.2 phone and other accessories like my BT 1.2 dongle for my laptop.)

    I'm keeping my Scala 500 for now. Works fine and there isn't much crackling if you're away from a wifi area (works great in the car, etc. and volume has always been loud enough).

    I'm tempted to get the Sony HBH-660, but for now I've been able to resist the temptation...

    I *do* have the BT800 on order, so we'll see how that is...although even if it doesn't work well with the Treo, I'll probably keep it to use with my BT1.2 dongle and skype to make calls over the internet.
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    I like my bluespoon ax but I can't compare it to the others. The ax works well for me with a very small size.
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    More opinions please.
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    I have tried the P1 Jabra 250, the SE HBH 300, the Moto 850, and the SE HBH 660. My reactions:

    P1 Jabra 250: best fit, volume too low, complaints about clarity from folks on the other end, difficult to put on while driving, unpredictable connection behavior.

    HBH 300: better volume but terrible fit (for me, YMMV based on anatomy) -- the damn thing felt like it was always about to fall off my ear. ALmost impossible to put on while driving.

    Moto 850: my favorite in terms of form factor, ease of putting on while driving, overall comfort, BUT, I do not use it because the volume is too low and I cannot hear people on the other end. I don't want to rely on BT Mute trick as it is not a 100% solution and I can't take a chance of not hearing a client on a call. My hope is that P1 will fix the BT stack and then I can use this device.

    HBH 660: my current headset of choice. I removed the ear hook and added a slick sound gel. Volume is amazing, no one complains about hearing me, and I can put it in my ear (and it will stay) with one hand while driving. It picks up the fastest of all headsets and seems reasonably consistent. My only complaint is that with the gel, it sticks out from head more than I would like and adds to the geek factor.

    I would go with the 660 and the slicks for now and hope that the BT stack is updated soon. Then, I would buy the Moto 850.

    Good luck....
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    I always love these threads, because they don't really answer the question. People have different opinions on things and how they work. One person might live headsets with booms where others hate them.

    Anyway, it really depends on what you want. Do you care if it's super small? Caller ID on the headset? Different ringtones? Battery life? If you must have one of those things, then it limits what the "best" headset is for you.

    I have a Scala-500 and a Moto HS820. I stopped using the Scala, the sound quality wasn't all that good and there was a lot of popping. I'm sticking with the HS820 for now because the sound quality is good and it's super small.

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    I have tried the jabra 250 the scala 500 and the HBH 660. The jabra did not like the sound quality the scala was ok sound wise did not like the way it connected.My choice has been the HBH660 find it connects real fast and I am very pleased with the sound do not use gels I use bt mute and it works great
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    I have tried, in descending order of unhappiness:

    Scala 500 - DOA from eCost. Won't charge. Just got an RMA from them, will probably get a replacement and test that out.

    The Body Glove Ear Glove BlueVoice - can get about 6 feet line of sight before it gets too crackly to hear; those on other end say it sounds as if I am eating a sandwich no matter how close I am, rendering it useless. Going back to Sprint store this weekend.

    Jabra BT250 - Feels like alien is hanging off my ear, can't go more than 3 feet line of sight without crackling, volume too low to use. Got 2-pack from Hello Direct. Same problems with both.

    Motorola HS 810 - could go 20 feet line of sight, 15 feet through a wall without crackling. Loudest of the ones I've used, though not loud enough. Wish I hadn't returned it.
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    These are great reviews sans cost. For all the headaches and the price differences no more than $60 - $80, I'd rather just pay once for the best. Boy oh boy I'm really leaning toward the HBH-660 based on you guys and dolls. But the Motorola 850 is closing in...

    More opinions please!
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    I've tried the Logitech Mobile Freedom, and used it for about 30 minutes before sending it back. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was ugly as hell and felt like a had a big ***** strapped to the side of my face. Performance was poor whether I was close to the phone or not.

    I currently have the Plantronics M2500 which is comfortable and loud, but I've been told that my voice sounds choppy and muffled. Guess I'll be sending this one back too!

    I tried the new Plantronics L510s at CES and it was VERY comfortable. Wasn't able to test it though as it's not available as of yet.

    As a special note, there are many posts stating the the BT in the 650 is crappy, but I turned it off and used a Jabra A210 BT adapter just to see if there was any difference in the sound quality, and there wasn't. Could the biggest factor be that BT is just ultra sensitive to the surrounding environment? I know there are differences in the headsets, but taking the BT radio on the 650 out of the picture and still having the same poor results make me think....
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    Quote Originally Posted by golfinfu
    Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was ugly as hell and felt like a had a big ***** strapped to the side of my face.
    My vote for post of the week...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    My vote for post of the week...
    got mine too...and by the way...don't you just hate that feeling?
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    I can't recall but I can't really say how comfortable a ***** is next to my face but I like the HBH660 the picks up quickly, doesn't have interference problems, has good range and sounds good and works great with the ear gel. I also have the Jabra BT-250 P1 version. Works great except anywhere near a wifi access point, crackle city. Other than that it works well, had decent volume and sound quility in the car and seems to pickup the calls and end just fine as long as it is the only headset paired with the 650. The HBH-660 doesn't have any problems picking up the call when the 650 has other headsets paired up. The BT250 is a hassel to route calls to when other profiles exist on the 650 even when it is the only headset within range that is turned on, that stinks. On it's own it is OK and I find the BT-250 is the most comfortable for me.

    I also tried the regular BT-250 from Best Buy and returned it right away didn't have good luck with that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    My vote for post of the week...
    I agree.... That's f'n classic. Golfinfu, dont ever sell your Treo and leave this forum. I see a lot of potential in you.

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