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    I was very excited to receive my Bluetooth keyboard from Amazon the day before yesterday. Sadly, I think it's going back to Amazon tomorrow. Here is why:

    Thinkoutside is not yet shipping a real Treo keyboard. Instead, they are still shipping keyboards made for Pocket PCs. Despite this, using the Treo 650 driver available on the ThinkOutside web site, the keyboard perfectly enters text into any appropriate application on your Treo 650.

    However, there are a variety of function keys and command keys on the keyboard that simply don't work. The Pocket PC keyboard has its keys silkscreened with the names of programs and functions that exist only on the Pocket PC. For example, "Excel" or "menu." Basically, it is impossible to map these keys to Treo 650 applications and functions. Further, the command keys -- which are supposed to be completely mappable -- in fact don't do anything on the Treo 650.

    It isn't a matter of a new silkscreen for a Treo keyboard; it is a matter of a complete redesign of the function keys and the codes they send via Bluetooth to the Treo 650.

    So I'm sending mine back and waiting for a real Treo 650 keyboard which is not available from any source today including TreoCentral.

    BEWARE: the keyboard advertised on TreoCentral is not a Treo keyboard. It is the same keyboard that you can get at Amazon for $25 less -- but it is a keyboard design for the Pocket PC and not for the Treo 650.
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    I have the iTECH bluetooth virtual keyboard on order. It's delayed because of Chinese new year's, but I'll post feedback in accessories forum after I try it. Dave's Ipaq has a good review. I also went to the BTVKB site and read the palm OS driver doc's. It looks like a nicely-implemented driver.


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