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    Anyone use a site for movie reviews? I use avantgo to sync my local movie listings but would like a review site. Most sites I have found so far have individual links to the movies and too much overhead for the palm.
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    Do you actually see the listings on your Visor??? I use Yahoo mobile Avantgo channels and I get everything I subscribe to EXcept movies. And I DO have the movie list subscription checked in account. MANY other are having htis same problem.

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    I was having the problem with Yahoo too. After I logged out and logged back in a couple of times, it worked. Not sure why it didn't the first time. Just keep logging out and then in again and see if they show up. It worked for me.
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    Using plain old on works dsl, no problem. I set the local century site as a custom channel and it syncs every time no problem. The site is nice, simple text, no links or banners or crap to clutter up the palm translation. I don't keep up on whats playing though and would like a movie review site that is similar: small, clean, simple text reviews of the latest movies.
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    Screw that, just use a VOrtal. I use TellMe and it tells showtimes even for my backward low-tech area.
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    Just so you guys know the BEST program for movie listings is a program called showtimes. It is itís own stand-alone app but lets you find movies by theater, movie and day. So you can see all the theaters that are showing Gladiator or just list what your favorite theaters has. Lists all the times.

    You run a batch file that attaches to yahoo and pulls in the theaters info for your area. Then is creats a series of pdb files that it installs.

    I snag every theater in the city and do it once a week on Fridays and get 6 days worth so I am good for a week.

    It is very easy to use once you understand what to do. Set up is a bit tricky, as you have to go to yahoo and go to your theater section for your city then add the URL's but it is worth it.

    Available at Palmgear:

    Or the guys homepage at:

    Hope this helps. I love and use this every week.

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    I use Yahoo movie listings through AvantGo and have never had a problem. and if you set the links 2-3 deep, you can get the reviews also.

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    I completely agree that Showtimes is the best movie listing (plot summaries too!) program available for the PDAs.

    I have it sync with my HotSync every night with the conduit sync. I cannot say enough it.

    I'll have to say I'm winning a few converts to the Visor with it also.

    The beta-conduit version works fine with my Visor even with the plot summaries loading.

    Good piece of programming there...
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    The nice thing about the Showtimes software (the part that installs on your Palm device) is that it allows you to browse by theaters or by title, etc.

    My setup is probably a bit odd, but the options of both Yahoo and Showtimes are great. Generally my wife and I go to see movies on our side of town, or we will drive across town to visit some friends and see movies over there (we live in Houston which is a pretty good size sprawl).

    Yahoo allows me to enter two different zip codes. I've enlarged the search area in my part of town.

    Here's where the Showtimes customization comes in. Yahoo will return a lot of theaters and I never go to some of them. Showtimes allows you to specify that it should ignore data for certain theaters.

    Pretty cool stuff. As was mentioned before, it's not easy to set up but it shouldn't be a problem if you can read and follow directions.

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