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    Okay this might be real stupid question, but I've searched the forums and have also looked in the book and I can't find an answer.

    I made a AVI file using Pocket DVD of a DVD movie that I own. Currently I only made the file like 15MB for testing reasons. When I open my Palm QuickInstall app and tell it to install it on the Expansion card it formats the AVI file to a different file extention and does some type of processing on the file its self.

    Is this not the right app to install something like this?? I think I also tried to move a GIF file over once and it too was named something else and was processed by some plugin. Is this app only good for programs, and not ment for moving files back and forth?? And if that is so what app can I use to move stuff over?

    I do have a card reader but thought it would be easier to do it via the synch cable.

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    Your card reader is easier and much, much faster than hot-synching...

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