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    I only just tried to pay my AMEX bill with my Treo 650 (Sprint). I get all through it except the last page is supposed to give me a confirmation number and say the payment is complete. Instead, I get sent back two pages where I'm asked to decide how much I want to pay. AMEX tech support said they only support IE, and he had no idea what the problem was. I had cleared both cookies and cache. I have a 1 mb limit for storing pages. Nothing is disabled (ie javascript and cookies are enabled).

    He did suggest I try another browser.

    Is there any reason to think another browser might solve this problem?
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    I've paid bills both using Blazer and Webviewer.
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    Bummer- I managed to do online banking with mine. I forget- does Ebay work?
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    Checkout my other thread, posted back in Nov. 2004 (online banking)
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    For what it's worth, I've been able to log into Citibank's website with Blazer and set up bill payments and stuff.
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    for ebay, try
    and accessing online banking with blazer, specifically, made the treo soft reset, weird
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