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    Thought fellow Visor owners might want to give this free software a try!! It just came out today and is called Shield and can be found at:
    It is a program that will perform a soft reset on your machine when there is a lock-up, without putting a paperclip, etc.. in the back. It has a test built into it to show you how it works. Once it generates an error, wait a few seconds and it will perform a soft reset. So far, so good!!!
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    It looked good, so I tried it out. For some reason my new Visor kept crashing when I tried to HotSync, possibly due to having tried out about 20 hacks. Shield kindly displayed a dialog box with 'Fatal Exception' but no more help ...
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    Yeah, I had a similar experience with Shield. I found that it will simply reset the machine after a few seconds instead of waiting for a click on the "reset" button. I like it better anyway though, because many times the reset button on the screen doesn't work...

    Michael Chen
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    I find this program particularly useful as I have a Rhodiana case which makes it somewhat difficult to get to the button. Plus, standing on a busy Tokyo train is not the place to do this delicate piece of "surgery." Also, running the J-OS along with DAs, and App hack causes a LOT of crashes. I highly recommend it. Only one crash has required a physical reset since I installed this program.

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