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    Well, decided to get a Treo 650 within the last few days. I inspected the deals with Cingular and Sprint. Decided on Sprint primarily because of the cost of the data service... $10-$15 a month for data on Sprint is far more reasonable than what Cingular is offering. Yeah, Cingular is probably faster for data transfer with EDGE, but, I canot see paying $30 for 10MB or $80 for unlimited.

    Anyway, getting the voice part of the phone setup was a little slow but painless. Getting the data (PCS Vision) was QUITE an ordeal. Took almost a day, 7 calls to Sprint network support, and a trip to the local Sprint store. Very frustrating, but, it is finally running.

    I have been using Palm devices since the U.S. Robotics Palm Personal/Pro days. I really like the phone. I have also used a PocketPC phone. Overall I think the experience is better than the PocketPC 2003 Phone. The hands-free UI seems to work quite well. The browser works great, but, I generally like Netfront (on the PocketPC) better.

    Anyway, I like the phone a lot at this point.
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    Cool - welcome to the club
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    The phone has lived up to all my expectations. The only issue I ever had that I couldn't live with was when the all they keys stopped working. Sprint was awesome the replaced the phone with a new one in 5 sec.

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