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    I curious to learn how people use spreadsheets on their visor or palm. I use spreadsheets all the time at work but without the graphing functions of Excel the palm OS spreadsheets don't seem all that useful to me.
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    i, for one, use tinysheet to track lots of income stuff.

    i do a lot of freelance work, and i teach privately, and i'm an actor, so i have a different boss for every gig...

    every source of income has a simple spreadsheet -- just so i can track dates, amount of payment, deductions, check numbers, totals, and c.

    for my clients, i can then sync the info back to my desktop, reformat, and give them a pretty receipt. for my bosses, i have my own personal records in one place.

    i don't deal with any stats, so i don't need graphs.

    but, if i did, i could just sync all the info to the desktop, reformat, and generate a chart.

    tinysheet does not yet have a mac conduit, which is why i have to reformat everything, but since it's all numbers, it's not that big a deal.

    i like bananas.
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    Have you looked into Quicksheet with Quickchart?

    It can create 5 chart types line, bar, pie, stock, and scatter.

    I like Quicksheet, but have not used the charting features yet.

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    Have you looked at MiniCalc?
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    Personal;ly, I find spreadsheets the easiest way to track gaming wins & losses and to track several investment portfolios I work with.
    - Professionally, one example is inventory management/reporting for a number hardware products I manage. I get monthly summaries of purchases for the last year by month, type, etc. as well as current un-deployed inventories. I create a simple summary of run-rates by last month, last 3, last 6 and projected out-of-stock/end-of-life dates dates - which I then download to the VDX.
    - then when a question arises in a meeting about "when can we do a processor bump," or "when can we start deploying the new XYZ router", I've got the answers right at hand.
    - MY principle is - just the summary data goes on my VDX!
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    One of the things I use QuickSheet for is keeping a timesheet for my 1 year old's babysitter. I have it set up so all I have to do is enter the time I pick her up and it tells me how much I'm being tagged for.


    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    i like to set it up for quick data collection at work when i'm in the plant. Then i can bring those numbers back to my desk and it sync's up with excel and i'm off to the races. (oh ya, i use quicksheet).

    it's better than the old method of writing everything down on a notepad while in the plant and then retyping it all into the desktop!
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    I use quicksheet, and have recently used it to track the costs of buying a house.

    I created a sheet with the budgeted costs, and then whenever I received a bill, I entered the value on an 'actual costs' sheet.

    This highlighted that my convayancer was trying to charge me 100 more that he should!

    The software paid for itself!!!

    Jim Nurcombe
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    I'm using Tiny Sheet 3.0 for keeping track of repair parts. I tried version 2.55 but it didn't support enough rows and columns. (I needed over 300 rows) It also supports multiple sheets with the latest version. I haven't tried some of the other spreadsheets available. I read several reviews of Tiny Sheet and the price was very good. I'm not sure if it does pie charts and the such, but probably wouldn't use that feature anyhow.


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