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    I am very new with treo 650.

    1. My phone accidentally turns off while I do try to learn thes phone by doing other stuff. In the process sometimes my phone (only the phone) reamins off for long ti,e without me realizing and then miss important calls.

    Is there a default way to keep the phone part on all the time ?

    2. How do you prolong the screen off time for the treo ? It is quite annoying to press 2 buttons to turn the screen on only after few seconds of inactivity.

    3.How can you avoid pressing extra buttons to unlock the buttons every 30 seconds or so ?
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    1. Unless you specifically turn it off, your phone should be on all the time. The only time that your phone won't receive a call BY DESIGN is when you have an active data connection (Blazer or VersaMail when you're sending/receiving data).

    2. You can increase the time before your screen turns off by changing the setting in the "Power" Prefs app (from the launcher screen, select the System category and then tap Prefs; when it opens, tap Power). Change the "Auto-off after:" setting. You can choose 30 seconds, or 1, 2 or 3 minutes. There are probably apps and hacks that can extend or completely turn this off.

    3. Pressing extra buttons: I'll assume you mean turning off the Keylock function. You can do this through the Prefs as before; choose "Keyguard" and then change the setting to your liking. Be aware, however, that if you carry your Treo in a case or in a bag where it's likely to get bumped, it may continually be turning on the screen or inadvertently starting apps.
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    I believe TreoGuard has the option to turn your radio/phone back on after a reset.

    Like Dave said your phone should always be on unless you turn it off, or unless a piece of software you installed makes the phone do a reset. I'm guessing since you said you were messing around with other stuff you were doing software installs and they might of reset your phone.

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