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    I know that many web sites are optimized for mobile phones, I just don't know how to find most of them .

    What are your favorites?

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    I did a search on TreoCentral and I came up with this.

    I like
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    <center>Ultimate portal
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    Sure about thiw wolwol? Couldn't connect..
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    It's actually
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    #9 is my home page on my SX66.
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    <edit> as the url suggests, this link is 'not safe for work'
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    Anyone have a good site with ringtones besides treobits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongmaster
    Anyone have a good site with ringtones besides treobits.

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    Thanks ! Great site Jhetzel.
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    This is a good list of Bookmarks, thanks.

    I see that Yahoo has a "small" site, but it isn't a customized site. Is there a Treo-friendly version of their personalized portal "My Yahoo" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevroc

    It's actually
    Awesome, thanks... And the one from post 10 is da bomb also. That's good for showing non-gadgety-non-technical guys at work how cool the Treo is.
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    I have created a bookmark page for my law firm at
    It is somewhat Miami-centric, but some of you might find it useful. You can email me comments/suggestions at
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    Does anyone have the address for the Avantgo page for SciFi Channel. I enjoy their articles but don't have room on my 650 for AvantGo. Thanks.
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    DrDoom, I don't know the answer to your question, but did you know that AvantGo can now store channels on your memory card? I use it and it works great.
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    Oh, and my favorite site for weather is The Weather Underground has been around for a while. Enjoy!
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