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    At the moment I own a psion5, but I'm not using it to its full potential. I'm considering the alternatives and the visor has caught my eye. I need to have access to a number of MS Access databases on the go and have full replication ability with outlook 2000. Would you guys recommend a visor or should I look at a PocketPC?


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    Sorta depends on your database needs. For simple tables, with just a few columns, a Visor is fine. It also works OK in situations where you can work and navigate with forms. If the above doesn't sound like it applies to you, then you would be better served by looking at a handheld PC (e.g. HP Journada 820 or the smaller 690), but not the PocketPCs which are only marginally better than the Visor (better resolution can not save them from the cramped form factor). Alternately, if you can wait until this fall, I think the ultralight laptops with Transmeta's 5400 CPUs will be killer - you'll get a real Windows laptop for roughly the same size, weight and battery life (~8 hours) as the Journada 820.

    If a Visor will work, then ThinkDB is probably your best bet for connectivity with Access. For form-based apps that feed data into Access, I'm partial to Pendragon Forms.
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    Thanks... to be honest I may wait then. Ben

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