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    Given that there are only 4 real buttons to program, plus 3 more with the option key.

    I go

    Phone - Web
    Datebk5 - Memo
    Messaging - Chatter

    and pTunes on the side button.
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    side button camera
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    I've got Sprint's voice command on my side button (via TapDial). I just wish the button could wake the phone up!
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    I second that (wake up the phone) because that's how I use it Tapdial and Voice Command.
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    I use the side button for Last App. I've also used it for an apps menu which is handy.
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    I use the side button for Voice Signal voice dial which I have stored in ROM using PRC editor found in Shadowmites website. This saves me atleast 2MB of RAM space.
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    Memopad. I write EVERYTHING in my memo pad.

    ...a habit i picked up when i started out with my very first palm... my good old IIIC. I still have some of the original memos from it....weird huh?
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    I have the side button set for the camera.
    Too often a very quick photo opportunity pops up and that is a fast way to get to the camera quickly.
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    keyboard backlight.
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    Is there anyway, after assiging the side button to activate the camera, for the side button to also take the picture? That would be real sweet
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    Phone - Phone
    Cal - Datebk5
    Message - Contacts
    Side - RealPlayer (Yes I use realplayer)

    I like that I can start the mp3 player and use the side button to actually strart it playing. If I goto another app and someone needs my attention, I can quickly get back into realplayer and stop the music.
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    Mine is set for keybord light toggle and Voice Dial activation.
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    Camera here. Hoping Sprint will eventually get their PTT stuff on the Treo.

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    Voice pad is my side button
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    the web.
    morris stalk
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    Is it possible to use the side button to answer the phone?
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    datebk5-splash money

    side button: treoalarm
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Mine is set for keybord light toggle and Voice Dial activation.
    Mine is exactly like that
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    I assign it to Zlaucher Quicklaunch.

    It's like having multiple side buttons.

    Very slick.
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