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    I have a used Treo 600, which is working perfectly. How much can I expect to sell the unit for? It's for Sprint.
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    The Treo 650 lists for $600 on the Sprint website. About $420 if you sign up for a new account. I'd venture a guess that a used Treo 600 for the Sprint network can go for about $300.

    Alan G
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    Somewhere between 200-300 depending on the shape and what accessories you have with it. I purchased mine here on Treo Central for 260 shipped with an *** load of extras. So use your best judgement and be fair but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
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    I was looking at a used Treo 600 (gsm) on eBay recently and they all seem to go for around $250-300. I got a new one for $325 + shipping (including p1 cradle and car charger). I was intending on paying $250 for a used one.
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    Use eBay as a good barometer of pricing.

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