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    Wow - just got my Treo 650 on Saturday (kudos to PalmOne for arranging a Saturday delivery when I ordered overnight shipping). Spent most of today porting my Treo 600 stuff over.

    While there haven't been any major incompatibilities, I'm seeing a couple intermittent issues, and the memory management...well, it just sucks with my current set of apps.

    Anecdotally, I'm seeing some problems with my copy of Uninstall Manager (latest version); I get intermittent lockups when deleting items. In addition, even with something like 12MB of free memory, I can't install Calorie King's full database. I managed to hack something together by moving the databases to my 650's SD card on my *600*, and then beaming individual files and databases over to the 650 from the 600's RAM, but that is one uuuugly hack way to do it, and it locks me out of any future database updates.

    I'm also seeing some very disturbing things with jFile (v5.61); first, I got a CRASH when adding a record to a jFile database. Now, I've been using jFile every single day for 5 years now, and never once - NEVER - has it crashed or corrupted a file. Today, on the 650, I got both.

    I also noticed that my j-File databases, that typically take up about 45K on my 600, are taking up 425K on my 650! EACH!! That is some SERIOUS memory bloat. Perhaps related to the crash? Dunno. I've sent an email to the folks at Land-J asking for the latest version (5.64 on their web site), but I definitely have concerns when this kind of proven application gets wobbly all of a sudden.

    Overall: love the screen, faster performer, audio quality is good. One crash of the web browser (but that's about par for the course with the 600, too). BUT, I'm holding off putting my Treo 600 for sale on eBay until I've lived with the 650 for a few "real-world" weeks.

    I guess you can color this as a "cautious endorsement" of the 650.


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    Just a followup to my earlier message: J-File's current version is 5.65; after no less then 3 email exchanges with the good folks at Land-J Technologies (on a Sunday afternoon, no less!), I had my new version in hand, and they had confirmed that the problems I had experienced were (a) due to the Treo's new memory manager, and (b) were addressed by the new version. I gather there are still a small number of users having intermittent and difficult-to-reproduce issues, but the lion's share of problems have been addressed in v5.65.

    So, feeling a little better now that J-File is working. And definitely using the Treo every day and enjoying the great screen and the overall faster Palm performance. Also noticing that the data performance has improved in the 650 for web browsing and even e-mail.


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    Well folks, day 2 with my GSM Treo 650. I have to say this thing really does rock and there are so many subtle improvements over the 600 above and beyond the advertised upgrades. I seem to be discovering something new all of the time. It's like they really got a lot of it right this time.

    But the Memory, what a drag!
    I started with a complete fresh slate on the Treo 650. I didn't migrate anything except my 4 PIM apps (contacts, calendar, Memo, ToDo)
    I was relatively prudent in only installing my most used/most imporant apps and the memory is already almost full. There's barely enough to handle email data and web browser caches. I attempted to move apps on to the card, but most of them won't work when run from the card, or when you move the to the card you can no longer map a hard button to them.

    Things I'm considering purging from my Treo 650 to free up space:
    Documents To Go 7 (2MB +/-) : It's expensive, and included for free. I hate to drop it but it takes up a lot of space for what little to no use I ever get out of it. I thought having the higher-res screen would make this app more useful (I have yet to try.)
    Java (~2MB) : Java is a hog. It's also a crime to bump this off, but realisitcally I've had marginal success getting most java apps to run on the 600. There's a new version of Java I had hoped would be better.
    Reqwireless WebViewer (200 k)- It's a Java app and a great web browser that's fast and works with more web pages than Xiino. It also has a very small footprint, but if I drop Java I have to drop this one. Since the new blazer and EDGE speeds are much faster there's less reason to have WebViewer. I'll still keep Xiino for a majority of web surfing and use Blazer on pages that it doesn't work with.
    Verichat (700K) - I hardly EVER use this since I do all of my Yahoo and AOL IM through SMS. It was always nice to have this as a backup but I rarely use it.

    Lastly, I can keep some of thes on the card just in case and copy them over to RAM temporarily if I really need them.
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    I have a ton of stuff installed and have 12MB free. I accomplished this by moving the largest stuff/games/databases/eBooks/photos/videos to the card. I used the DocsToGo utility to move it to the card.
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    I would love to be able to move some apps to my SD card, but I fill up my cards with MP3s. It's not a space problem -- I can always leave off some songs to make room for an application or two. The problem is that each of my 1 gig SD cards is its own MP3 playlist and I switch them often. Installing applications on each of the SD cards would be a pain. So I'm deleting applications and unnecessary files, too.

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