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    So I'm trying to save a small mp3 file to the 650's RAM to use as a ringtone. I don't have an SD card yet, so preferably it would save either through versamail attachment or direct internet link.

    Whenever I try to download anything from either email or web, it will go through the entire download process and then say something to the effect of "no SD card found, can not save file."

    Is there anyway to get a file to save to RAM w/o going through an SD card? Thanks in advance for the help...
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    Palm OS only allows you to save .prc (Palm OS applications) and .pdb (data files) into RAM. For everything thing else, you'll need an SD or MMC card.

    Alan G
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitefokes
    I don't have an SD card yet...
    Don't have one? Then GO GET ONE!
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