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    Anybody know of a Mac program that will convert PDF files to DOC format? Sure would be helpful with manuals.
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    no...not directly.

    If you can get your hands on a Linux box, you could use ps2ascii to convert the pdf to a text file, then use something like MakeDoc (I think they have a Mac version) to convert from text to doc format.

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    For the PC, you could convert it using Ghostscript (freeware, I think). I do not know whether a similar program exists for the Mac, but I guess there should be one. Then you can use Ghostscript to convert the .pdf file to a textfile and then your favorite document-converter (like Isilo for Windows or the like) to create a doc-file for the Visor.

    Good luck!

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    There is a little program for Windows called PDF2DOC that converts a PDF file to a DOC file. You must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat though, not just the reader. It is a plugin for Acrobat. It does a pretty good job on the PDF files and the size is considerable smaller than the original. As I'm not a MAC user, I can't say it will work with that operating system. I found the program on Use the search engine and type in PDF. I hope that helps

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    Adobe will convert any pdf file to text or html by email. See the instructions at the web page listed below. An automated service replies to your email within a few minutes, returning the text/html file as an attachment. Then you can use any text to doc utility to create the doc file.
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    Hey thanks for the tip on the Adobe email conversion service. I tried it and it is just what i need!
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    Use the service in good health.

    The only catch with the email service is that it will not convert security protected pdf files, for copyright reasons I suppose.

    Adobe will return a message saying that they were unable to convert the file.

    I ran into this yesterday when I wanted to convert some screenplays I found on the net for reading on the subway. Fortunately, most screenplays are posted in txt or html.
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    Another resource -

    And another one -

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