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    I know they have FM SDIO cards out there but why won't any company produce an AM/FM version? Some of us would like to listen to a ball game or a talk show etc. Anyone ever heard of a card like this? I would really like to get my hands on one...
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    i m interested too!!
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    Call me dumb, but there are SD cards that have an FM radio as part of the card so you can listen to an FM station through the hands free ear plug? Does it also work with Bluetooth? If so, I would want AM too.

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    That would be nice. The only radio card I know of doesn't work. I have one I used with my Kyo 7135. The problem is that the radio part is too big for where the SD slot is. The antenna gets in the way of plugging it in. Too bad.

    Here is an alternative for you. Use Shoutcast. There a several radio stations you can listen to. If you want to listen to your own, download the Shoutcast server app. It works great. You pipe into your computer whatever audio you wish (ie. AM radio station) and you can then listen to it with PTunes. Quite cool. Since you can make the server private and only you know your IP address, it is a vey private server. Oh, you do need broadband to do this. If you want to know more, search the threads. Thats how I learned about it.
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    Thanks sndtubes for the advice!
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    Hi there... AM radios are apt to pick-up interference from the screen (Treo or PC). I'll bet that's why they stay away from having AM radio receiver cards that close to computer equipment. I remember long, long ago... in a universe far, far away, we placed AM transistor radios next to our LED display Pocket Calculators... (showing my age here). The Calculators made screeching interference you could hear thru the radio. It was fun to hear the change in the sound as you lit-up more and more onf the LED's. Even today, I have a hard time listening to my AM radio at work if it is too close to the Computer Screen.
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    I think the bigger problem is the antenna length required for the AM/FM bands. There are a couple SDIO radios out there (none compatible with the Treo 650 last I looked), but they have a seperate headphone jack from that of the Treo, so that they can use the headphone cable as an antenna.

    Theoretically this could be done with the Treo's headphone jack, but I figure the hardware would have to be changed so much that they might as well build the radio directly into the Treo and skip the SDIO slot all together.
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    The Shoutcast idea is a great one but if I had a radio card, I would use it to listen to the televisions at the gym. They send the audio for the different channels over various FM frequencies with low-power FM Modulators. Great for using while on the treadmill.

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