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    Does anyone know of any retail stores in San Diego that sell a replacement stylus for my Treo 650? I've tried numerous Sprint and Cingular stores, but neither seems to be interesting in making a profit by actually selling what I need. And to think that California business blame the state's laws and regulations for hurting their business. Perhaps if these businesses actually sold what customers need, they would be more profitable. So far, I am unable to locate any retail store in the city that sells a replacement stylus.
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    I just dropped mine today and it landed right on the tip and jammed it in..... Checked CompUSA's website and apparently they carry them. You can give them a shot if ya got a store nearby. Will swing by my local store tonite and post back here..
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    tonite = tomorrow They close in 15 minutes
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    I ordered some from (original OEM styli w/pen) at a decent price with immediate in-stock shipping.

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