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    hey all im a newbie at videos for my treo 600 I got kinobea and can't do nothing with it if anyone can help me with suggestions or sites to look at that would be great. if u want e-mail me at
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    Are you looking for software to make videos to watch on your 600? If so, search TC for threads on Kinoma and on PocketDVD. Those seem to be the best options. There is also a thread where you can do it all for free with freeware.

    IMHO its really not worth it on the treo's 160x160 screen. Some T650 users have said it looks pretty good on the hi-res screen.

    If you're looking for videos already converted to watch, you will have a hard time. Too many copyright issues arise if people started offering them to download (without verifying that you already own them). Good luck.
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    For anyone handy with the newsgroups..... a.b.w.pocketpc.movies

    Only download if you own the DVD of course! Saves ya the effort of doing the encoding..
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    DVD Decrypter > PocketDivxEncoder (160 x 90 for the Treo 600) > MMPlayer.

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    DVD Decrypter -> Flask MPEG (xVid codec and Lame MP3) -> VirtualdubMod -> Treo 600 (160x120) or Treo 650 (320x240) MMPlayer... all but MMplayer and the treo are free
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    thanks I tried the mmplayer and it works great

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