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    Anybody have experience with this product?

    In particular, does it add too much bulk? It seems perfect to me, given that I want to fully cover my Treo while it's in my pocket (I put pens, keys and coins in there also) but also have a usable, protected Treo while it's in my hands.

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    To answer my own question--and anybody else who might do a search later...

    I bought it. It adds some bulk. The Treo 650 also doesn't fit snuggly and rattles around a lot in the case. Probably it is a suitable solution for somebody who puts their Treo in their pants pocket, but less suitable for someone who is actively running around with the case clipped to their belt. It's certainly better than only the skin case, because it removes the annoying stickiness of the skin and gives much better and almost complete protection for the phone (esp. the camera lens) when it comes to coins and keys scratching things up.

    Another good solution I found was the handspring Neoprene case. It works well--but isn't really for the average person's pocket, as it adds a lot of bulk.
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    I have a case very similar that came from--believe it or not--Brookstone. Picked it up in the airport the day my 650 arrived, when I had to have something quick. Mine has a non-swivel, metal (leather wrapped) clip that is much flatter. It's made of a nice quality black leather, and it's actually nicely snug. $12.50. Only problem, I had to create the headphone jack hole. Kinda wish I hadn't now that I have a bluetooth headset, and I don't use it for music.

    I have some pics on at the office. I could post them if anyone's interested. A great case for the money.
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    post 'em if you want! I'm curious (and maybe some lurkers are also).
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    Will get the pics up tomorrow morning.
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    Here's the Brookstone case I mentioned above. Combination of the flap and clip make it too bulky to carry in a pocket, IMO, but it is a great case for the money if you want to put it on your hip. It's not made specific for the Treo AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $but$ $it$ $fits$ $like$ $a$ $glove$. $Sides$ $are$ $an$ $elastic$ $fabric$. $Leather$ $is$ $of$ $nice$ $quality$. $The$ $leather$-$wrapped$ $metal$ $clip$ $is$ $strong$ $and$ $has$ $never$ $even$ $hinted$ $at$ $slipping$ $off$. $$12$.$50$ $at$ $Brookstone$ $in$ $Houston$ $Intercontinental$ $Airport$.
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    be careful when ordering from Seidio.
    I got a defect Treo600 cigi charger from them. When I asked for a replacement, they always told me they sent it but I have never received any replacement so far.
    I keep trying to email them to ask for status of the shipment, they tend to ignore my email totally!!

    so pls be extra careful with this company.

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