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    does anybody know of a program where you can lock a program so only you can use it?
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    Not a program, but you can lock the PDA to safeguard the data. It won't prevent someone from hard reseting it, though.

    Try JotLoc. I like it. You can use the system password to get in, OR draw a squiggle or picture and you are in. Search at
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    I like the jotloc, it's easier and quicker to draw a picture than to enter a (long) password...
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    Commander is a launcher with built in security. It allows applications to be Private (hidden when private records are hidden) or Locked (requires the system password to access).

    It also has a lot of other functions like the ability to automatically hide private records or lock the Palm, shortcut commands, tabbed views and more.
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    there was a program on not too long ago called 'Kidpalm' or something like that, which allowed you to prevent your kids from using certain apps on your palm unless you unlocked them.

    this might serve your needs...i'll look for it and post the link if i find it.

    found it!

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