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    ok first post and its not a happy one. i got a cingular gsm 650, bought from treocentral store. charged it for about nine hours til the light went green and then started using it. had it for a day<12 hours off charge> no problems. then i thought i turned it off and set it on the desk for the evening. when i woke up <6 hours>it was at 80% of battery. hmm. so i plugged it in and then i added some software from the palm cd. hot synced twice while connected to ac. then it sat about 30 min. then i had to go out. got in the car, set it on car charger, green light its go. drove to work,parked and picked up phone,20 minutes later. it had not fallen or anything, was in the aluminum case. phone is now dead, only steady red light, no response from any buttons. figured its wierd power issue, left phone in locker 8 hours,no power at work. then went home. phone now has approx thirty hours on charger and still appears dead. tried to reset, nada zilch.

    any ideas what to do now, besides cry?

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    call palmone and tell them to send you another one
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