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    I was wondering what the best software is for syncing?? I used palms hotsync then intellisync with my sony UX50 and always seem to have problmes with duplicate calendar entries after daylight savin time changes.

    I use outlook heavily, and hope to start using email clients.....Thanks
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    There aren't a lot of choices here. But I've had no problems with PocketMirror.
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    make sure that you get PocketMirror XT, it works better with the enhanced PIM apps
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    Is PocketMirror still needed with the 650? Could someone summarize its advantages vs. the built-in apps/palm desktop?

    I've used PM Pro for a long time; don't know what to do when I switch from 600 to 650... Anybody know Chapura's policy for upgrading PM Pro to PM XT?

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    It's not needed in most cases. The built-in conduits can sync with Outlook. I thought I needed it to sync with multiple PCs, but apparently there's an update from Palm that provides that. I think PM does have some added flexibility, but it's hard to say.
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    It always depends on what you need software to do and how much you are willing to learn about the software. The standard software that comes with the 650 works extremely well. Duplicates are the result of not watching what you are clicking to and not understanding the sync process. Settle down with the manual and the help files.
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    Thanks caped crusader...

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