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    well, you folks were so helpful with my question on doc viewers out there, i figured I'd seek your wisdom on the next inevitable question.... I am looking for a good way to convert files of my own to doc format. I have come up with some crude way of getting the text onto my Visor, but there has to be a simpler was, I am sure. Is there a simple app out there that converts to doc format from, say, .txt, .rtf, .doc(MS Word), .pdf, etc.?

    Thanks so much for helping me out! I am pretty new to this Visor, but I love it already!
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    I am currently trying TakeNote by Landware. There website:
    It cost around $35 dollars and seems to be fairly straight forward and easy to use. Once installed, it places a folder on your desktop for quick access. Open any doc in word, save as a .txt, send it to takenote and the next hotsync will put it on your system. You can also convert memos to doc files, import, export, etc... Also might want to give pedit 3.02 a look as well. Personally, TakeNote is easier to use, just my opinion.

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    I convert Word (*.doc) and Text (*.txt) files to Palm (*.pdb) files using Peanut Reader's Make Book program (free). The instructions are on (Mostly used for my fanfiction stories that I want to carry with me.)

    Another option for Word, Text AND EXCEL documents that you want to carry around with you, is Documents To Go (~$40 - or Palmgear) You start the program, add your files to the DTG folder, and it will automatically format them for your Visor. It also keeps an 'eye' on the documents - if you modify them, DTG will recognize that the file has been changed, and download the modified file on your next hotsync.

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    I use PalmDocs ( It's very intuitive..just adds another drop down menu in Word. The site says you need QED, but it works fine with SmartDoc.

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    On the rare occasion that I need to convert a text file, or a Word File by converting it to text first I use MakeDoc for Windows. It's free and it places the converted file right into the installer.
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    I concur with swendor. I use MakeDoc for windows and use AportisDoc as the reader. The reader has some nice features (bookmarks, ability to scroll in different modes, ability to select text, etc.). I even paid money for the registered version. I still astound my friends when I show them that I can carry 250 pages of regulations and another document with 8000 facilities in it (and thanks to the 8meg memory of the Visor, I also carry the lyrics to Led Zep toonz, a couple of short stories, a mailing list and STILL have room for STUFF). MakeDocW didn't balk at converting 250 pages of a document to a doc file.
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    i use DocInOut.

    It converts .txt files into doc files by placing an additional item in the right click menu in your windows expolorer.

    I.E: in windows explorer, you can right click on a .txt file and there will be an option to 'convert to palm doc'. It'll got both ways...right click on a .pdb file (that happens to be doc) and there will be selection to 'convert to .txt'

    on a side note, it'll convert .pdb files into a .csv file aswell. hmmm..i should try this feature on some backed up databases from other apps.

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    If I can put my own two cents in, I use iSilo386, the Linux converter for iSilo, for alot of things, and it does nicely. There are
    versions for a number of different platforms.

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    You could also try "DocReader" - a free app. for windows that lets you read doc files on your PC, and also lets you load a .txt file then save it as a .pdb.

    It can be downloaded from
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    Try Express Reader DX from Qvadis. Real easy-to-use interface on the PC that lets you *read* and *edit* your TXT, RTF, etc. file on your PC as well as *convert* into DOC format using their one-click MakePalmFile button.

    Download from

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