I'm on my 5th and now 6th T600. All have been warranty replacements except the past one which got a cracked screen one week after getting it as a replacement for a T600 with orange growing squigglies. Even though I had no idea how the screen got cracked Sprint said this is not covered under warranty.

OK, I pay the $50 and get my equipment protection replacement in a few days. The screen is NOTICEABLY dimmer than my previous T600 and has a blue-ish tint. I called warranty replacement and got the runaround. Talked to a manager and said the replacement was NOT satisfactory and was NOT an adequate replacement. Manager said OK and sent out another T600 which has identical dim, blue screen as the first replacement.

What should I do? I can call CS again. Go to a Sprint store and hope to get a friendly manager?

This p!$$*$ me off. I've had the T600 for about 16 months and they average about 3 months before going bad, now I'm getting bad replacements for ones I had to shell out $50 for.

Phil G